February 4, 2012

In the Fitting Room: ZARA [Spring 2012]

So, I decided to blog something a little different today.

Some of you may have noticed that Spring collections have begun to trickle their way into stores as the winter sale stock disappears.  Browsing the new items on the ZARA website has gotten me all excited, so I decided to visit my local store and check out some of the more interesting pieces myself.

My store actually has not yet received their entire Spring stock as of yet, so I will be sure to pay them another visit!

Available in this peachy-pink colour you see pictured here, as well as in mint.  The light colour, combined with the fitted bodice and flared skirt made this dress overall very... "cutesy".  It reminded me of a cupcake, to be honest (although, I did adore the crossback deep-V feature of the dress).  The dress had a zipper up the side, making it very easy to put on.  The fabrication, however, felt cheap and almost had a sweatpant material feel to it.  The entire time I had this dress in the fitting room, it had attracted almost every piece of lint in the room to it.  This was a dealbreaker for me, especially when this dress was priced at $59.90 CAD.


Available in black, pictured here, and in mint (Colour trend of the season? I think so!)  The fit of this dress was beautiful.  Perfect, even.  Clearly, very similar to the previous dress (fit and flare), but very well-executed.  My only gripe with this dress?  It didn't have a zipper!  Putting something like this over my head, with such a heavy fabrication, was so awkward.


Asymmetric hemlines are everywhere this season.  Unfortunately, out of all the asymmetric skirts that are on the ZARA website, this was the only one they had in store.  This skirt was light, flowy... fairly standard on all counts except for, of course, the asymmetrical hem, making it that much more interesting.  I could see this with black pumps and a blouse for evening, or heeled sandals and a denim jacket for daytime.  Although a trendy piece, I saw versatility and many options with this item.

Thoughts? Questions?
Since I see my blog as still in its developmental stages, any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated!

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